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DDODDOMAM Pear and Balloon Flower Juice Pouch (Bundle of 5)

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EXP: 10 August 2024

• Made of all natural Korean ingredients
• No water or sugar added
• No preservatives, No additives
• Easy to carry and stand
• No destruction of nutrients by NFC (Not From Concentrate) extracting the ingredients.
• Good for bronchus (Pear – luteolin, balloon flower – saponin, ginger – ginger roll, sponge gourd – fiber)


Pear (Korean) 82%, Balloon flower (Korean) 10%, Sponge gourd (Korean) 7%, Ginger (Korean) 1% 

Additional Information: 
  • This product is manufactured in the same facilities that produce the products that contain tomato, peach, and soybean.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep it in a dry and cool place.
  • Please keep it refrigerated after opening.
  • If the pouch is transformed, expanded, and damaged, please do not drink.
  • Depending on the growing environment and sampling period, the colour and the taste might be different.

Product Content:
  • Suitable for 12 months and above
  • 80ml per pouch

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