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Hanil - UV Sterilizer Dryer (HBS900-SG)

Hanil - UV Sterilizer Dryer (HBS900-SG)

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The Hanil UV Sterilizer provides premium medical-grade sterilisation. It's been tested and proven by laboratories in Singapore, the US, Japan and Korea, for its excellent sterilisation capability to eliminate more than 99.97% of germs and bacteria! Plus, a patented 3M HEPA filter design to block out dust & air-borne particles. The only brand certified by Singapore TUV SUD (PSB), an internationally recognised independent testing body.

A unique quality for Hanil is that no heating at all is involved – the product sterilises with dual germicidal UV lamps (OSRAM, Italy) while offering gentle, safe and natural drying with IR (Infra-red) halogen lamp (DR FISCHER, France). It's extremely energy-saving to boot, with a low power consumption of only up to 50 watts.

Use it to sterilise items such as water bottles, feeding accessories, teethers, pacifiers and toothbrushes. Extend its shelf life further to sterilise household items like cutlery, dishware, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, nail clippers, toothbrushes, razors, kids' toys, etc.

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