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Organix - Mango Pear and Granola Pouch - 100G

Organix - Mango Pear and Granola Pouch - 100G

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Organic Mango Pear Granola Fruit Puree Pouch

Sweet mango and pear puree with granola combined is one of the most delicious fruit pouches in the Organix range. We simply blend it into a baby food that is the ideal texture for 6 month+ babies to explore and enjoy. Organix Just Mango, Pear and Granola is made with all natural, organic fruit and of course without added sugar* or any other junk. Great on the go healthy weaning fruit snack for all those busy mums and dads out there! Tip! Squeeze the fruit puree on a spoon until your baby is 1 years old

*Contains naturally occurring sugars. 


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Safety advice

For little ones, please ensure they are sitting down and supervised whilst enjoying this food.

Allergens warning

This recipe contains:


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