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Wel-B Cotton ball 100g/Bag

Wel-B Cotton ball 100g/Bag

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Wel-B cotton balls made from 100% pure cotton through a heat sterilization process, to ensure that our cotton pads are safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

Benefit of our product

1. Specially designed to be extra large, for ease of handling and more absorption

2) Soft Cotton material made from 100% soft cotton material, which has high absorbent and maintains it shape even when wet

3) Use water jet technology instead of chemicals, help you feel confident when choosing good quality cotton balls. 

4) Free of fluorescent agents and glue (No chemical) 

5) Soft touch, suitable for baby’s delicate skin

Advised for Mummy’s

 Your baby’s eyes are delicate and easily irritated and require extra gentle care. We recommend using a “cotton ball” or “sterile cotton ball” moistened with salt water or cold boiled water and then wiped from the eye. (Do not wipe back and forth as it may cause infection)

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