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Made of healthy ingredients
No water or sugar added
No preservatives, No additives
Easy to carry and stand
Made of prune with fiber, Korean apple, banana, organic cabbage, and Korean plum
Probiotics to reduce colic and help kids have good toilet habits


Prune juice concentrate, apple juice, banana juice concentrate, organic cabbage extract, red plum extract, citric acid, mixed probiotics alpha


Additional info: 
-This product is manufactured in the same facilities that produce the products that contain tomato, peach, and soybean.

-Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a dry and cool place.

-Please keep it refrigerated after opening.

-If the pouch is transformed, expanded, and damaged, please do not drink.

-Depending on the growing environment and sampling period, the color and the taste might be different.

Product Content:
• Suitable for 12 months and above

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