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DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Stick Vegetable (6 mnths+)

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Looking for healthy snacks for your Loved Ones! Ddo Ddo Mam baby rice sticks are the BEST CHOICE!

Made of chemical free Organic Rice(except real puff) in the Korean first clean tech area, Eco City Yangpyeong. It is the best eco-friendly snack which maintains the nutritional ingredients for your family. Many flavours to choose from; Berry, Fruits & Vegetables!

Product Details:

• No artificial sweeteners, flavours, or preservatives added.
• Has a soft and mild taste.
• Pressure cooked at over 100ºC, not fried in oil.
• Developed to melt gently in the mouth and easy to eat for children.
• Developed for children to hold it easily in their hands.
• Snacks can be easily kept as it is packaged in a standing zip lock bag.


97% Organic Rice (Korean), 1% Organic Carrot Powder (Korean), 1% Organic Spinach Powder (Korean), 1% Organic Pumpkin Powder (Korean)

Product Content:

• Suitable for 6 months +
• Baby Rice Sticks - Vegetables (20g)

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