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Wel B - Freeze Dried Yogurt - Mixed Berries (3x20g)

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What’s Freeze-drying?

The Freeze Drying process extracts water, giving fruits a crunchy texture whilst preserving their natural flavours and nutritional value, can be eaten as a healthy snack or used as an addition to smoothies, cereals and baking.


A freeze dried is the latest method of food preservation, the same one chosen by NASA in preparing food for the astronauts. This method can keep the nutrition at its utmost by dehydrating fruits and make solid.


Product Details

  Learning to Pick Up and Develop Grasp 

  Comes in various shapes such as Hearts and Stars

  Melts in baby’s mouth, not sloppy when eaten

  Live & Active Cultures

  HALAL Certified

  Product of Thailand


Care Instructions:

  Young children should be able to sit upright and able to swallow on their own when consuming this product

  Recommended for 12 months and above with adult supervision



  Mixed Berry – Dairy based Yogurt, Mixed Berry Flavouring (Sugar, Gelatin, Vegetable Thickening, Food Acid, Approved Colouring), RO Water


Packaging Content:

  20g per pack

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