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5 Baby Food Reviews You Should Read

Posted by Baby by Jitta on

When we walk into the baby food aisle of the supermarket, we are usually spoiled for choice. Shelves upon shelves of baby snacks that all look so tasty and sometimes we just wish we could buy them all. Well, today we will be providing you with our recommendations and personal favorites in this baby food review.

  1. HappyTOT: Super Foods (organic pears, beets & blueberries + super chia)

This puréed snack is absolutely delicious. The fruity and healthy taste isn’t off-putting like some other healthy baby snacks are. This is a healthy snack, and it tastes great.

  1. Earth’s Best: Organic Sunny Days Snack Bars (Strawberry with other natural flavors)

This snack bar is a great snack especially if you are a huge strawberry lover like I am. Great for when you are feeling slightly peckish in between meals. It has a slight sourness to it, and I know that that would sound rather unappealing to some people, but personally, I really do enjoy that sour kick that it has.

  1. Organix: Goodies (Organic Animal Biscuits)

A huge contributing factor as to why I enjoy these animal biscuits so much is the nostalgia behind it. I remember snacking on these during recess when I was still a kid. They really do bring back fond memories. Other than that, I also really love the fun shapes they come in. Figuring out what animal the biscuit is shaped as before plopping it into your mouth is a really fun family game.

  1. DDODDOMAM: Organic Rice Rusk (Apple)

This apple-flavored teething biscuit is one of my absolute favorites. The apple flavor is very authentic, which is a truly hard thing to come by as many other fruity flavored snacks taste rather chemically and artificial. These rice rusks have an amazing taste that makes me keep coming back for more. I really highly recommend them.

  1. Kiddylicious: Veggie Straws

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of veggies or anything veggie flavored. However, Veggie Straws are an exception. Somehow, they have done the impossible and have gotten me to eat my vegetables. They taste great and I highly recommend them for anyone who is trying to overcome their hatred towards vegetables.


With that, we have come to the end of our baby food review. I hope these recommendations will help you on your next trip to the supermarket. See you all next week!


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