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DDODDOMAM Real Puffing Snack Chocolate

DDODDOMAM Real Puffing Snack Chocolate

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✅Product of Korea
✅Certified HACCP
✅Suitable for kids 12-months-old and up
✅Pesticide free rice and wheat snack
✅Non-fried snack
✅Contains wheat, milk and soybean


Pesticide-free brown rice, Renewal Choco (Organic sugar, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Mixed whole milk powder, Mixed nonfat dry milk powder, Cocoa powder, Lecithin), Pesticide-free rice, Organic black rice, Pesticide-free wheat flour, Organic sugar, Roasted coconut powder, Cocoa powder, Sea salt.
*Contains wheat, milk and soybean


Product Content:

• Suitable for 12 months and above
• Real Puffing - 25g

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