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[NEW] Organix - Pear and Raspberry Pouch - 100G

[NEW] Organix - Pear and Raspberry Pouch - 100G

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Refreshing fruit pouch that contains 90% pear purée and 10% raspberry purée for babies and toddlers aged 6 months and up.

This fruit pouch is made from the highest quality organic ingredients with absolutely no additives, meaning no added sugar* or any other junk. We simply blend it into a baby food that is convenient for babies on the go.

*Contains naturally occurring sugars


90% pear purée and 10% raspberry purée.

Care Instructions:
  • Store pouches in cool dry place.
  • If the content of a pouch is squeezed onto a separate spoon before feeding your child, you can keep the reclosed pouch in a refrigerator for a day (24 hours).
  • If your child consumes the product directly from the pouch, then we recommend discarding any leftovers.
Safety advice

For little ones, please ensure they are sitting down and supervised whilst enjoying this food.

Allergens warning

This recipe contains:

No Allergens

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