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At what age should babies start on snacks?

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At what age should babies start on snacks?

Wel B is well loved by many across Singapore, Thailand & many more countries. From babies to moms themselves! Anyone can have snack on Wel B's Freeze Dried fruit snacks. However, for infants - recommended to start from 15months & above.
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Snacks are an essential part of every baby's diet. A good healthy snack can help provide your baby with the nutrients he/she needs. However, it is important to know what snacks are appropriate for your baby depending on his/her age. From a newborn to 5 months old, a baby should be consuming breast milk or formula.

When Do I Start?

Only when they reach 6 months, a baby should start learning how to chew. While breastfeeding/formula continues, you should also start introducing his/her first solid food as a snack. Since your baby only just started learning how to chew, it is important to feed him/her a diet that is easy to chew and swallow.


Little Koyouri snacking on our newest snack - Ddo Ddo Mam (Organic Korean Rice Snack) Available in 3 flavours! 
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We recommend foods such as porridge and mashed up soft fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, banana, carrots, and green beans. All these foods are not only easy to swallow, but they are also packed full of nutrients. As your baby grows older, you should increase his/her solid food consumption, changing it from a snack to a part of his/her proper diet. Continue this diet till your baby is 8 months old. While continuing a similar diet, you can add on some snacks such as teething biscuits and harder crackers. This helps your baby get used to harder foods.

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