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Baby Wipes Drying Out?

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How to prevent baby wipes from drying out?

Do your little one pull wet wipes out & have a giggle too?
(Well, they giggle, we mamas scream!)
Credits: @gailsgenetation
How often do you reach for a baby wipe, only for it to be dry and feel almost like normal toilet paper? Well for me, in the past, it happened way too often. However, I recently learned simple methods I could use to help my baby wipes last longer and I’m going to share those methods with you today.


The most important thing to remember when it comes to the prevention of drying out baby wipes is to ensure that the baby wipes aren’t exposed to air. This can be done by simply closing the lid of the baby wipe packet properly after you are done using it.
How many packets of wet wipes do you stock up each time?
We'll say a carton or 2 is a good number. you'll never know when it'll run out!
Credits: @gailsgeneration
Another step you can take is to place the baby wipe packet upside down after you use it. This means that the weight of all the baby wipes is pushing down on the lid against the table. This will help to give you a tighter seal, ensuring air will not enter your baby wipe packet.

Dried Out Wipes? Rehydrate Them!

If your baby wipes are already dried out, I can tell you the easy solution to rehydrate them. Depending on how many baby wipes you plan on rehydrating, you should app a reasonable amount of water into the packet of dried out baby wipes and leave it to sit and absorb all that water. It is crucial that the packet is left at room temperature during this process. After a couple of hours, the baby wipes should feel brand new again.
Aren't they having so much fun? But hey mama, it's a motor skill too! 
Credits: @gailsgeneration

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