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Are Baby Wipes Flushable?

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Thank you to Koyouri's Mommy, ChenChen for trusting Bosomi Wet Wipes & only wants to use the best for her baby! 
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Unfortunately, the answer is no. Most baby wipes are not flushable. This means that the proper disposal of baby wipes isn’t as easy and convenient as simply flushing it down the toilet.

Do it the right way!
Use them well, Toss them right!

To properly dispose of baby wipes, it has to be thrown in the trash. While this may seem gross to some, it is the right choice to ensure that your toilet doesn’t get clogged. Many wet wipes do not pass the water industry’s flushability test. This means that unlike toilet paper, baby wipes are not designed to break down easily. The inability to break down easily may cause your toilet or pipes to clog.

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Even your toddler can pull them out by themselves. It's that convenient! 
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Why risk going through the trouble of unclogging your toilet, if ensuring proper disposal of your baby wipes can prevent it from ever occurring? So remember, whenever you plan to use baby wipes in the bathroom, always bring along a plastic bag to properly dispose of them.

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