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Top 5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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What are some gift ideas for baby showers? Baby showers are fun, joy-filled parties celebrating the birth of a child. Personally, I have attended a couple of baby showers and I often find myself pondering over what presents I should get. It was not until recently that I realized many face the same dilemma I do when it comes to gift ideas for baby showers. Fear not because I am here today to provide my list of the top 5 gift ideas I have come up with. Let’s get right into it!
1. ​Baby Carriers
Baby Carriers are great gifts for any new parents. They can be stylish, simple, or hand-made. A good baby carrier can provide a baby with comfort while also being easy to use and non-strenuous for the parent. During my son’s baby shower, my co-worker got me a baby carrier and I still use it to this day!!
2. ​Bassinet
A bassinet is a bed designed for newborn babies. They are mainly used till the baby has reached the age of 4 months. Generally, bassinets rock/sway in a steady metronome-like rhythm. To a baby, this gentle sway is comforting and soothing. A bassinet gift will surely be a thoughtful one.
3.​ Baby Snacks Hamper
Hampers are great gifts for any occasion, even baby showers. A baby snacks hamper is a great way to put together a gift suited to any individual’s liking. If wrapped well, hampers can also look stunning and you will surely be turning heads if you bring along a beautiful hamper to the party. A basket filled with all your favorite snacks from Wel-B, DDODDOMAM, and Gerber wrapped up with a pretty bow on top?! What could be better than that?!
4.​ Diapers
Diapers are a necessity for any newborn baby. New parents are all aware of the struggle when it comes to stocking up on diapers. Diapers are not only expensive necessities, but they are also used up so quickly. Gifting diapers, while not as eye-catching and creative as the other gifts listed thus far, is still an extremely thoughtful gift and I am sure that they would be greatly appreciated. Just before the pandemic hit, I attended a baby shower, hosted by my friend, and I brought my favorite BOSOMI diapers as a gift. Not only did my friend love the gift, but she also fell in love with BOSOMI. She was impressed by the absorbency and overall quality of the diapers. BOSOMI is now her go-to diapers.
5.​ Baby Bolsters/Pillows
Baby bolsters/pillows are amazing gifts for any baby shower. The list of benefits of baby bolsters and pillows is seemingly endless. It is amazing how much a simple bolster can do for a baby psychologically and physically. Honestly, I could be here all day talking about how amazing bean sprout husk-filled baby bolsters/pillows are, but you can find out more about them from the blog we published on the 16th of March. And remember, the release of the new baby bolsters right here on Baby by Jitta is not far away. Do keep an eye out for when they do come out!!
And that’s it!! That’s my list of the top 5 creative, thoughtful gifts that are perfect for any baby shower. Though attending a baby shower in the near future seems highly unlikely, I do hope my suggestions are able to inspire you for when we are all able to go back to our old lives, and baby showers and parties are made possible once again. But for now, you should always wear a mask, stay positive and stay safe.

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