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Why are bean sprout husks used in baby bolsters?

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Bean sprout husks are the hulls that fall off a beansprout during the process of sprouting. After drying, these hulls turn into small, light husks that many use to stuff pillows. Though this practice started out mainly in the manufacture of baby pillows/bolsters, adult versions of such pillows/bolsters have become extremely popular in recent years.


You may be wondering why husks are used as pillow stuffing. Well, we’re here today to answer that question. Bean sprout husk pillows/bolsters are lighter than regular pillows/bolsters. Many believe that this can allow your baby to rest his/her bean sprout husk bolster on his/her stomach without the pressure getting too uncomfortable, leading to more restful sleep.
A pillow can be very important to a baby, it will give them comfort and a sense of security. 
Another reason why bean sprout husks work great as pillow stuffing is the fact that unlike ordinary cotton pillow stuffing, bean sprout husks are not easily compressed. Resting your baby’s head on a bean sprout husk pillow will not cause it to cave in like cotton stuffed pillows would. This resistance provides proper support, reducing stress to your baby’s neck and spine. Bean sprout husks also promote better air circulation through the pillow. This air circulation helps prevent the pillow from heating up from your baby’s body temperature, allowing your baby to stay cool and comfy.

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