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What are the benefits of baby bolsters?

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What are the benefits of baby bolsters?

Baby bolsters are small cylindrical-shaped pillows that babies love cuddling. Chances are, you’ve also had one as a child. Many of us still keep it to this day and as we grow older, we come to affectionately refer to it as our ‘chow chow’.

They remind us of our carefree childhoods and there's a certain warmth and comfort in those memories.

Baby bolsters may seem just like any other baby pillow, but it has many interesting and rather unexpected benefits that you may not have known about. Firstly, baby bolsters are commonly used as a sort of bumper in the crib to prevent babies from injuring themselves while asleep. When asleep, babies often roll around, tossing and turning. Babies fidgeting in bed can lead to injuries if the right precautions aren’t taken. A baby bolster can act as a bumper, cushioning any potentially dangerous corners and edges of the crib.


Sleep in extremely important for the little ones and us, parents too!
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Baby bolsters have another extremely interesting benefit. Did you know that baby bolsters can allow your baby to get better sleep at night? Researchers have concluded that cuddling with something, like a baby bolster, while sleeping helps calm your baby down. This psychological effect helps your baby sleep more comfortably and peacefully. And we all know that a peacefully sleeping baby can also mean a good night’s rest for us. You might be wondering where baby bolsters are available. Well, we are very glad to announce that they will soon be available here at Baby by Jitta. Our new baby bolsters will be made from all organic materials. From the fabric we use to the bean sprout husk/stuffing we put inside, we plan to make our baby bolsters organic and safer for your child’s use.

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