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What purpose does finger food serve for babies?

Posted by Baby by Jitta on

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Finger foods for babies serve much more purpose than you would expect. Finger foods allow your baby to learn important motor skills and also teaches them how to feed themselves. Finger foods should be introduced into a baby's diet as early as 6 months old. We recommend giving your 6-month-old a larger sized snack such as a long teething biscuit.

Starting with Yogurt Melts...

A teething biscuit will help your baby develop his/her ability to hold on to objects. As they grow older and have gotten used to feeding themselves larger sized snacks, you should start introducing smaller snacks such as yogurt melts. Yogurt melts are not only healthy and delicious, but they are also great tools to help your baby learn essential skills such as the ability to pick up objects with their fingers.
Wel B Freeze Dried Yogurt Melts comes in the perfect size and little shapes for little fingers to have a grip on.
The size of the snacks should decrease over time gradually. This provides your baby with new challenges that he/she will have to overcome on his/her own. From my own experience, the best way for them to learn is by increasing the difficulty of their daily tasks little by little. These challenges they face throughout their daily lives will give them the experience they need and allow them to learn faster.

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