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How to prevent nappy rash?

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How to prevent nappy rash?

A diaper that keeps the baby dry, keeps them happy too!
A baby with healthy skin, definitely keeps the parents happy. Look that smile on little baby Elina!
Credits: @sophleow

Nappy rash is commonly found near the nappy and can commonly occur if your baby’s skin has been in contact with his/her urine or stools for long periods of time. It can also be caused if your baby’s nappy has been rubbing against his/her skin.


There are many ways to help prevent nappy rash. Preventing is always better than trying to find a solution or cure to the blistered injured skin.
Firstly, we recommend changing your baby’s diapers frequently. As we said earlier, urine and faeces coming into contact with your baby’s skin for long durations of time can cause nappy rash. Changing your baby’s
diaper frequently is a simple solution to this issue.

Secondly, from our personal experiences, using 100% cotton diapers can help prevent nappy rash. 100% cotton diapers are much more gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin as compared to other diapers.
The right choice of diapers and wet wipes matters. This is considered a skin care routine too! Such delicate skin, needs lots of dedication.
Credits: @sophleow
Lastly, we recommend using a nappy rash cream. Nappy rash creams are easily accessible creams that work miracles. By simply applying a thin layer of nappy rash cream before putting a diaper on your baby, your baby’s red irritated skin will be soothed and it will also help speed up the healing process. Nappy rashes, though annoying, are common among younger babies. By simply following our three simple steps, you can say goodbye to ever having to worry about nappy rashes again.

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